[Gist] 10 Rappers Who Are Hoes , Rick Ross May be First in List

While the word “hoe” is clearly a pejorative term, that doesn’t mean it’s gender specific.

Take a look at these 15 rappers who are hoes, and you might see the recent actions of Amber Rose and Blac Chyna in a totally different light…or not.


Post-Comeback Season, Drizzy immediately began cavorting with video vixens and pop starlets. He hopped on Dollicia Bryan, Rihanna, threw a few voluptuous civilian women under the bus, and briefly kept time with Rihanna too.


The leader of the Freebandz gang not only serves the base, but he’s out here trying to serve the D too. Ciara and Blac Chyna already know what time it is.


Think of Nas as the quiet assassin. He didn’t brag about his side action, but then again he didn’t have to. Kelis put him on blast, and those flicks of Nas and Maxwell on a yacht with a bunch of models sealed the deal.


There’s too much hearsay involved here, but it’s never a good sign when your ex-fiancée (crazy as she may be) accuses you of bringing home an STD. There were also rumors circulating that Sean cheated on Ariana Grande for whatever that’s worth.


Big guys need love too. And when your fiancée’s mother is shrugging off cheating rumorsbefore you even walk down the aisle, you might just be a hoe.


Nothing confirms a dude’s philandering ways like being sued for child support by a middle school student. Bruh…


Weezy has referred to himself as the p***y monster and a slut. Given his multitude of baby mothers and his affinity for kissing Superhead in the mouth, it’s not exactly slander to say Lil Wayne will smash anything that moves.


There were stories about writers seeing condom wrappers out in the open during interviews back when X droppedIt’s Dark And Hell Is Hot. That was 17 years ago.


From Vivica to Ciara, Chelsea Handler, Tatted Up Holly, and Daphne Joy, Fif gets it in.


His two reality shows, Instagram feed, and that little incident in the park with India Westbrooks are all “documented” proof that Game lacks a chill button when it comes to the ladies.

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